Safety Tips

You only as Safe as you Prepare to be

With Cape Chat turning 4 this month, Alice and Kate wanted to do something meaningful for Cape Chat’s team-building and strategy day and had the awesome opportunity to work with Kelee Arrowsmith from Advanced Conflict Management. The one-day Safety Workshop, held at...

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Smash Proof?

I have often wondered how effective the “smash proof” film on a car window really is. Last week while walking along Boyes Drive (between Muizenberg and Kalk Bay), I came across a car (which incidentally looked exactly like mine ) that seems to have passed the smash...

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Driveway Home Robbery

This Peoples Post article details a new tactic being used by criminals to commit robberies. It is concerning because even if your family is safe inside with the alarm on, the criminals can get in without the armed response being alerted. So why have criminals turned...

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Sick, Lame or Lazy?

The other day on my way to a meeting, as I was pulling into my parking (there were a few around), this lady came driving into the parking lot and without much ado… pulled into the space which is SUPPOSED to be reserved to people who are movement impaired AND have a...

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Meet Chucky

There is a bad guy who lives in our neighbourhood. In the interest of anonymity, lets call him Chucky. I first saw Chucky about 3 months ago while I was waiting at a red light. My lane was the right turn lane to get onto the highway. This matt black (looks like it was...

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