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Crime is becoming more violent with attacks directed at people rather than facilities becoming more commonplace. Businesses are exposed to risks that traditional risk management or safety provisions have not considered, nor addressed. Businesses may find they do NOT enjoy coverage under their liability insurance in the event of claims arising from incidents, unless they are able to show proactive actions to mitigate risks.

Proactively taking steps to put in place the correct policies and procedures coupled with staff training is a sure way towards addressing this risk, while simultaneously minimising the risk of loss or injury to key people in the business. ACT Personal Safety specialises in working with customers to provide customised safety and security solutions for corporate businesses that address their unique needs.

As crime spirals upward, and employees get mugged, hijacked and traumatised, more companies are under pressure to provide Personal Safety and Anti Hijack training for their staff. We believe the personal safety of your workforce; particularly key executives, sales and security personnel should be of vital concern to your business.

Crime touches everyone. This common bond can become a positive foundation for a great team building event. In our Team Building events everyone takes home life-saving skills. Our custom-developed team building workshops will stimulate thinking about personal safety, while empowering you to work as a team.

By working together, participants develop communication, collaboration and strategy skills. Understanding and facing fears helps to break down stereotypes and encourages each person to become part of a winning team.

More than motivational, our talks leave the audience feeling empowered about keeping themselves safe from violence. Our talks are presented in an entertaining manner and focus on the various aspects of risks that we all face on a daily basis.

Our experience in both corporate and hard-core safety training provides us with the tools to deliver simple, easy to remember tips and information on staying safe in the workplace as well as at home.


Securing Your Business from the inside out with ACT Personal Safety Corporate Services. We believe the personal safety of your employees, particularly key executive, sales and security personnel should be of vital concern to your business. Our corporate services extend from personal safety training through to the creation of policies, procedures, standards and guidelines to help secure your business from the inside out.

ACT Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) courses are designed to prepare personnel to operate in hostile or foreign environments more safely. This requires training on both proactive actions and procedures to avoid trouble and or risky situations, as well as skills on what to do and how to survive in the event they are caught up in situations or incidents.

The scope and depth of training can vary depending on the risk profile, for example, travel in conflict zones requires more in depth of training as there are more risks to cover.

ACT Personal Safety – your unique training experience!

Changing the way you think… about YOUR safety

Advanced Conflict Training (ACT) focuses on training people in pre-planned reactions and strategic solutions for all types of violent situations, which include home invasion, mugging, hijacking and violence in the work place.  We educate people on how to implement their own personal safety program, rather than turning this responsibility over to a stranger at the other end of a telephone or panic button.

Our Mission

Our overriding passion lies in teaching people how to take control of their personal safety. 

Our mission is to never stop learning. We believe in staying at the top of our game so that we can teach people from all walks of life to avoid, prevent or safely handle hostile confrontations.  


ACT specialises in the prevention of violence by using talks, workshops and team-building excercises to convey a simple yet achievable safety strategy.

All our training is developed and tailored for each audience.

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