This Peoples Post article details a new tactic being used by criminals to commit robberies. It is concerning because even if your family is safe inside with the alarm on, the criminals can get in without the armed response being alerted. This is a combination crime consisting of a hijacking and a home invasion robbery and is becoming increasingly frequent. Anyone can be the target, including mothers with children, or even older children returning to your home, and it can happen at any time of the day. So why have criminals turned to this form of robbery as opposed to the more traditional burglary and what can we do to protect ourselves?


Criminals like easy, and these days burglary is considerably more difficult and high risk as most people have monitored alarms and armed response, not to mention burglar bars and dogs etc. Not only do they need to overcome these security measures, but when we are not at home neither are our valuables.

How much easier would it be if they got you to take them into the house, turning off any alarm, and showing them where the valuables are. They can even pack what they wish to take into your vehicle and use it as a getaway .


We are however not powerless; you just need to use the tools at your disposal correctly and efficiently.


So, what can one do?

  • If you come home late at night, make use of the service most armed response companies offer to meet you at your home.
  • Know how to use your alarm, specifically the use of the duress functions as this situation is exactly what it was designed for.
  • Take the time to understand how the crime happens and plan what you will do if it happens to you. Preparation is key – you cannot make it up on the fly.
  • Talk to your family about this – any one of them could be the victim.


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