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Workshops & Training Programs

Essential personal safety

There is a massive difference between self-defence and personal safety. In this course we will provide you with knowledge and tools that allow you to act in the safest possible way.

  • We will take you step-by-step through the process of making critical decisions before facing potential conflict situations.
  • You will learn the importance of accountability and the understanding of criminal mind set and behaviour.
  • You will be advised about key aspects of personal awareness, decision making and having a plan in place, as well as possible weapon selections for self-defence.
  • The course will conclude with a demonstration of a conflict situation and effective ways of dealing with it.
Home Invasions

Home invasions and armed robberies are becoming commonplace and traditional burglar alarm systems are just not effective in countering this type of attack.

  • In this session we will show you how to reduce your risk of being targeted by criminals, as well as how to keep safe in the event you are attacked.
  • We will explain our Layered Safety Model™ and show you the importance of planning your safety as a family, as well as providing training and guidelines for domestic staff.
  • You will leave with a thorough understanding of the Layered Safety Model together with practical advice on securing your home and making your family safer.
Hijack Avoidance and Survival

In this workshop we will cover the importance of you taking responsibility for your safety and making decisions as well as planning your safety. Learning what you and other vehicle occupants can do if you are hijacked could ultimately save you or a family member’s life.

  • You will learn how to reduce your chances of being targeted as a hijack victim
  • You will learn how to survive hijackings if you are attacked.
  • Through this session you will understand the goal of hijackers, where you are most vulnerable and how to use this knowledge effectively.
Weapon choice for self-defence

For many people, the word “weapon” often conjures up fear and alarm. But the fact is that when threatened, most people will pick up a weapon to defend themselves.

  • In this workshop we will walk you through the different categories and types of weapons available.
  • Everyday objects such as keys, kitchen knives, torches and baseball bats can work well as improvised weapons for self- defence. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each choice and demonstrate the correct way to use your chosen self-defence tool.
Effective use of pepper spray

Pepper spray is an excellent and effective survival tool. It is both non-lethal and easily carried with you at all times.

  • This talk comprehensively covers the use of pepper spray and how it works as well as discussing different categories and options available.
  • Course participants will gain a good understanding of using pepper spray correctly.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of each type are considered.
  • You will also practise the most effective use of pepper spray in a simulated scenario.
Neighbourhood watch safety

Neighbourhood patrollers patrol the area in various ways, in their cars, on foot etc. You will learn proven techniques that work in real world situations. You will also practice de-escalation skills in the safety of a learning environment.

  • In this workshop we discuss recognition skills and staying safe while on patrol.
  • We walk through effectively engaging a person using your voice and physical presence to de-escalate a situation – a tactic that can often eliminate further conflict and is the patroller’s safest strategy.
  • This workshop also includes elements of role-play.
Firearms for self-defence

This course is both for handgun owners who want a skills refresher, as well as spouses and handgun newbies who wish to gain essential skills.

  • Sign up if you have never fired a gun before and would like to gain some experience… just in case you ever need it.
  • Learn and practice the skills you need to be able to effectively and safely use your handgun in real world scenarios.
  • The course covers weapon manipulation, safety, access and marksmanship, as well as how to use your handgun in the high pressure, close range and mobile scenarios typical of most hostile encounters.
Training for your domestic

About 50 percent of house robbers and burglars base their crimes on inside information or intelligence received from someone in your employ. This varies from area to area but it is on the rise everywhere. You can reduce your exposure to these risks.

  • ACT provides training for domestic workers that focuses on educating your helpers on safety and how to recognise and report such attempts.
  • This training includes role-play.

ACT Personal Safety – your unique training experience!

Changing the way you think… about YOUR safety

Advanced Conflict Training (ACT) focuses on training people in pre-planning and strategic solutions for all types of violent situations, which include home invasion, mugging, hijacking and violence in the work place.  We educate people on how to implement their own personal safety program, rather than turning this responsibility over to a stranger at the other end of a telephone or panic button.

Our Mission

Our overriding passion lies in teaching people how to take control of their personal safety. 

Our mission is to never stop learning. We believe in staying at the top of our game so that we can teach people from all walks of life to avoid, prevent or safely handle hostile confrontations.  


ACT specialises in the prevention of violence by using talks, workshops and team-building excercises to convey a simple yet achievable safety strategy.

All our training is developed and tailored for each audience.

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